The activities

Altri Servizi e Intrattenimenti


Biking is a fun way to discover the territory’s main points of interest as well as its hidden corners. For amateur cyclists: from Camping le Cernie, you can easily reach Tortolì, along 5 km. of flat road, now with 3 km of bike path. Or, ever along the flat road you can reach Santa Maria Navarrese with its enchanting views of the Ogliastrino sea, to then top at the bar on the marina for an aperitif.

It’s a whole different story for super athletic cycling lovers. Here you just have to choose, in fact the Ogliastra plain is the starting point for some incredible climbs, often really tough ones, which run up the coast, sometimes reaching an altitude of 600 meters with passes which separate Ogliastra from other Sardinian provinces. Further, there are small roads running parallel to the plain, in high altitude, which connect the mountain villages: Lanusei, Arzana, Talana, Baunei to name the most famous ones.

Jogging and Trekking

Running lovers who want to stay in shape even during their vacation at Camping- Village Le Cernie will find plenty of chances to go jogging or hiking.

Outside the campground you can choose to run along the water’s edge up to Santa Maria Navarrese, rather than toward the Stagno di Tortolì. But the hiking paths, for the expert, are many and clamber along Monte di Baunei to arrive at Cala Gonone, Cala dell’Arco, Cala Goloritze, and Cala Luna. We’re talking about the famous Profondo Blu, advertised in all the Hiking magazines. You can visit the Gorroppu canyon, and dozens of other incredible destinations; and should you like, there are even group tours guided by expert local guides. More information is available at Reception.

Diving and Snorkeling

To talk about Diving in Sardinia without diving in the underwater sites of Ogliastra is a sacrilege; in fact, we boast of the most fascinating reefs like that of Cala Mariolu, with a sheer -18 a -50 bathymetric a, in crystal waters with a 40 meter visibility. I, Claudio, the owner, was fascinated by these seabeds back in 1969!

Back then you could find gropers at just 5 meters down!!! The islands in front of the campground were frequented by 1.5 kilo sea breams , and by 30 kilo sea urchins: back then it was an aquarium. Today it’s no longer like that, but the splendor of its shallows and plunges is still intact; and the basic aspect is that you can dive 95% of the time; with no fear of being disappointed, this weather situation is exclusive to Ogliastra, naturally protected from the Mistral and Sirocco winds. The campgound has tanks and compressors available for rent; besides rubber dinghies for going diving.

Pesca Sportiva

In Ogliastra you will find it very easy to fish, actually you will find help for all the forms that you find most exciting:

if you have a boat, you can grapple with big trolling, or set up the lines in the numerous shallows, or dedicate yourself to the more amateur classic which is the fishing line, bot h in the amateur version in waters less than 40 meters deep, as well as the more technical version in the shallows at 200/300 meters: the younger fishermen can fish from the beach with a spinning rod, and further, you can go fishing with the local professionals .

Obviously the most appealing fishing is that of underwater fishing which allows you to get closer to the amazing ocean floors, but unfortunately the fish, that are by now experts, very often will escape your harpoons.