All Sports of Our Camping

Diving School

The Diving, connected to the Campsite, is in S. Maria Navarrese, but on the campsite you will find cylinders, regulators, leads, mute, and a brand new COLTRI compressor with special filters.
In camping We organize group outings for those with a patent.

Racing Bicycles

The racing bike for fans, is part of the holidays, and in Ogliastra the territory lends itself particularly to the use of this means, providing paved roads, with continuous ups and downs and natural circuits of mileage compatible with all levels of sports. As for motorcyclists we advise you to follow the evolution of “offers” on our site to find cost-effective combinations.


Come in Sardinia and do not do snorkeling is incredible, from Camping le Cernie, you can make excursions in the sea for many kilometers without meeting a soul, along the cliff that connects S. Maria Navarrese to CalaGonone, 50 km. Of sheer cliffs; evidently a boat is needed, or a friend. For those who do not want to rent a rubber boat for a day, we suggest excursions to the Ogliastra islets, located 1 mile from the campsite with the “Go and return” formula, we take you and then tell you what time it will return to you, it’s cheap and fun.

Parafly and hang gliding

Lotzorai, and in particular the Camping le Cernie, is logistically, optimally prepared for fans of this sport, in fact at 20 min. drive you will find yourself in Baunei, on a natural balcony located about 500 meters. of height on the sea, and you will be able to “fly” up on the beach of the camping. The transport service to the point of Start, we organize it with a small individual cost

Free Climbing

In Ogliastra we have 2 Spiers of great interest for the practitioners of this sport. </ Span>
Placed in the municipality of Balnei, they are a destination for a few years of enthusiasts, the spectacular climbing is amplified by the majestic landscape on the most beautiful sea in the world.


Windsurfing can be practiced with great satisfaction by enthusiasts, we offer a corridor to go out into the sea that avoids the hassle of “rowing” for 200 meters. from the shoreline, as it is mandatory in all the beaches frequented by bathers.


Camping le Cernie, located at the base of the mountains of the Gennargentu group, is an excellent starting point for all types of trekking, soft or extreme; you choose, always assisted by agencies, our partners, who will suggest and will accompany you from time to time in your excursions.


In Ogliastra you will find it very easy to fish, actually you will find help for all the forms that you find most exciting: if you have a boat, you can grapple with big trolling, or set up the lines in the numerous shallows, or dedicate yourself to the more amateur classic which is the fishing line, bot h in the amateur version in waters less than 40 meters deep, as well as the more technical version in the shallows at 200/300 meters: the younger fishermen can fish from the beach with a spinning rod, and further, you can go fishing with the local professionals . Obviously the most appealing fishing is that of underwater fishing which allows you to get closer to the amazing ocean floors, but unfortunately the fish, that are by now experts, very often will escape your harpoons.

Diving Pool

The indoor pool at 1 km. It can be interesting for those who train in competitive swimming, certainly not aimed at those who want to take a simple bath, which will certainly provide in the clear waters facing the campsite.


Three kilometers from the campsite there is a new go-kart track, very modern, open in summer 2005, also with kar rental. Forfait combinations are possible.