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Ogliastra, a land of enchanting beauty, located along the eastern side of Sardinia.

The territory, between the peaks of the Gennargentu and the Tyrrhenian Sea, is considered among the most evocative of the island. This is a very large area, extending over 1800 square kilometers, consisting of a few low-lying coastal plains and many mountain ranges that dominate both the coast and the interior.

Ogliastra is a land that requires a careful, curious, penetrating, not corresponding to the look of the conventional tourist.

A land where man has settled for centuries with respectful respect, creating a harmonious union with the environment. Numerous historical-archaeological testimonies, with the presence of many nuraghi, domus de janas, sacred sources, giants’ tombs and menhirs.

Itineraries On foot, by bike, on horseback, by car and off-road it is possible to take trekking itineraries to discover unforgettable places; you can walk from the mountain to the sea following the course of underground rivers among centuries-old woods, flowers, wild animals and arrive in bays of incredible beauty.

Ogliastra's itineraries

In Ogliastra as well as being fascinated by the sea and the natural beauties that overlook this coast, you can choose an endless series of alternatives on land that can not be grasped in a single holiday.

Le alternative vengono evidenziate più avanti singolarmente, ma ora proviamo ad elencarle:

  • Racing bike tours with violent ramps that will take you up to 1000 meters in a few kilometers.
  • Mountain bike tours on the most demanding dirt roads, usual passages of shepherds and goats.
  • Class Trekking with the fascinating and unique walk to Gorroppu Tour by train, with the little green train to discover suggestive corners in the mountains, without getting tired too much.
  • Horseback riding with the good riders barbaricini
  • Trips in quads up and down the impossible stretches and through the streams of the hinterland.
  • Climbing in free climbing, to dare in the peaks dominated by the Queen’s hawks.
  • Boat trip or rubber boat to discover the most fascinating and inviolable coast of the Mediterranean.
  • Visits to the villages with their characteristic weekly markets.

Certainly the most fascinating part is the coast on the sea, the pearl of the entire Region.
Forty kilometers of coastline, with sheer cliffs, punctuated by deep incisions, which interrupt the impressive wall with coves and beaches, which are true jewels of the Mediterranean.
By definition, one of the last natural paradises, where wildlife species such as the Seagull Corso, the Falco della Regina and the Marangone dal Ciuffo, nest and live in symbiosis with a natural environment rich in endemic species, jealously guarded by the guardians of the territory: the shepherds who still today the herds of goats graze. </ p>
The Cave of the Colombi, the inlets of Portu Pedrosu, Portu Quau and the beaches of Cala Goloritzé, of Ispuligidenie (Cala Mariolu and the Beach of the Seagulls), will accompany you on an unforgettable journey, the discovery of submarine siphons inside the Cave of the Fico, the last kingdom of the Monk Seal, will make you relive the times of an ancient world. Furthermore, the beaches of Cala Sisine and Cala Luna.

But to get a more complete idea of ​​the overview offered by this province, we invite you to browse the site of the province of Ogliastra, full of photographs and descriptions full of details that will excite you to the point of not being able to leave for the long-awaited holidays .